Insurance Companies

Insurance companies in Kosovo are organized in a joint association called the Insurance Association of Kosovo (IAS).  IAS was established in 2002 upon the agreement of the representatives of licensed insurance companies in Kosovo.  The association’s aim is to improve the insurance industry in Kosovo, to assist in the stabilization of the Insurance market and to offer trainings to the staff of member companies.More information can be found at IAK’s website:

The following are insurance companies in Kosovo:



Siguria was established in June 2000.   SIGURIA offers third party liability, Casco, personal, health, property, home, and construction risk insurance.


Contact Information

Str. Luan Haradinaj A, Pristina 10000

+381 38 248849

[email protected]





Sigkos sh.a., was established in 2006 as a private insurance company by two local businessmen.  SIGKOS offers vehicle, Casco, personal, guarantees, health, property, liability, contractors all risks, erection all risks, cash in safe and cash in transit insurance.

Contact Information

Sylejman Vokshi Pallati i Kuq Str. Pristina 10000

+381 38 240 022

[email protected]





Sigma Vienna Insurance Group sh.a was established by a decision of the Oversight Commission of Insurances in Albania in February 1999 as the first private insurance company in Albania. Sigma sh.a. was licensed to operate in Kosovo in November 2004. In September 2007, Sigma became part of Vienna Insurance Group.  Sigma offers property, vehicle and health insurance

Contact Information

Qyteza Pejton, Str.Pashko Vasa, p.n. Pristina

+381 (0) 38 246 301

[email protected]




SIGAL has been operating in Kosovo since October 2003.  SIGAL offers health, life, vehicle, property, guarantees, financial, engineering, liability, agriculture, marine, aviation and product transportation insurance.

Contact Information
Str.Vaso Pasha n.n., Pristina 10000
+381) 38 240 241




Kosova e Re is the successor of the company “Kosova”. Established in 1974, it is the oldest insurance company in Kosovo.  In 2002, Kosova e Re received a permanent license from the Central Bank of Kosovo.

Kosova e Re offers personal, guarantees, property and vehicle insurance.

Contact Information

Lagja Kalabria Blloku B1 Nr 5, Pristina 10000






INSIG was established in 1991 by the Government of Albania.  In March 2000 INSIG-KOSOVO was licensed to operate in the Kosovo market as a branch of INSIG-Albania.  INSIG offers health, property and liability insurance.

Contact Information

Q.Pejton, Str. Pashko Vasa,Nr.6 Pristina 10000

044 136 986





Illyria was licensed and started operating in February 2002.  The company is part of the Sava Re Group.   ILLYRIA offers health, vehicle and property insurance.

Contact Information

Sheshi Nëna Terezë Nr. 33 Pristina 10000

+381 38 225-385

[email protected]






GRAWE ELSIG is part of the Austrian financial group of GRAWE. The company was established in 2008.   GRAWE ELSIG offers vehicle, accident, property, health, guarantees and liability insurance.

Contact Information

15 Trepca Str. Pristina 10000

+381 38 221 112

[email protected]





Dardania entered the insurance industry in 2002 through a temporary license issued by United Nations Mission Interim in Kosovo (UNMIK).  Later in 2002, Dardania received a permanent license from the Central Bank of Kosovo.

Dardania offers accident, health, home, vehicle and property insurance.

Contact Information

Str. Sylejman Vokshi No. 4, 10000 Pristina

+381 (38) 244 080

[email protected]





CROATIA Sigurimi sh.a

Croatia Sigurimi sh.a, is a branch of Croatia-based Croatia Osiguranje. Croatia Sigurimi was established in 2005.  CROATIA Sigurimi offers Casco, product transportation, health and vehicle insurance.

Contact Information

5A Luan Haradinaj Str.Pristina 10000

+381 38 246 956